How fitting to be ending off what has been quite a year with the first blog about my RushTush Glow-Getter journey and learning to love the skin I’m in.

For those of you who don’t know, I was selected to be a Glow-Getter for the RushTush brand along with seventeen other amazing super-women! My journey started just one month and a couple of weeks ago. 


I’ve been using the RushTush pharmaceutical products every day, doing the RushTushFit App workouts five days a week and following the RushTush Vegan Glow and Glow Cleanse eating guides. It took me a minute (okay more than a minute lol) to wrap my head around the use of the products and to get myself into a different routine and it hasn’t all been plain sailing for me unfortunately. I hurt my back four weeks in and couldn’t train for about a week. I didn’t see any results and felt like I wasn’t making any progress that left me feeling quite despondent. And then something shifted! I started noticing that my clothes fit me so much better, I feel more confident and I’m getting stronger with every workout.


You’re probably thinking “okay girl so what’s the point of your ramble?” When I applied to be a Glow-Getter I didn’t really have a specific goal in mind or a definite “WHY”. All I knew was that I’ve been an admirer of RushTush for the longest time and so why not apply to be a Glow-Getter? Little did I know that in the process I would finally learn to love the skin I’m in!

Love The Skin I'm In

For years I’ve always criticized my body and wished for it to be something that it wasn’t. No matter how slim or how good I looked I was never happy. I’ve tried all kinds of diets, detoxes, eating plans. You name it I’ve probably tried it. And this all in the quest of reaching some “magical” number on the scale or looking a certain type of way. Was I successful? Yes! Did it last? No! WHY? Because I didn’t know how to love the skin I’m in. I’ve realized that how I speak to my body matters as much as what I nourish it with. I am learning to speak to my body with kindness, to look at it lovingly and to thank it for me housing me for all of 41 years.


Believe me when I say it’s easier said than done. I have good days. I have bad days. I have in-between days. The difference is that now on a not-so good day I just tell myself “it’s okay, tomorrow will be better” and move on. Through it all though I am trying to love the skin that I’m in and to love my body every single day no matter what.

This journey is far from over. What I know is that I have come a long way and for that I am thankful. Slowly but surely, I am learning to love the skin I’m in! I hope that you too love the skin you’re in and if you don’t, that you will learn to love the skin you’re in. A special thank you to RushTush and her team for this amazing opportunity and to the Glow-Getters for all your support, kindness, motivation and encouragement kiss.

If this is something that you struggle with and would like to chat to me about, I would love to hear from you so please leave a comment below or send me a message. xxx


Love The Skin You're In

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