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I am Claudia Kahn, a certified Nutrition Coach.

I am passionate about health, fitness and nutrition and, believe in following a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable. Read my story below to learn more about me and why I do what I do.

Growing up I was NOT health conscious at all! I ate chocolates and chips; and drank fizzy drinks  every day without ever giving it a second thought. I don’t even remember being conscious of my weight at that stage. Ignorance was truly bliss! Looking back now I realize that I was overweight and not very healthy. 


”After high school something clicked! I became interested in health and fitness, and educated myself by reading and doing research. All of a sudden, I found myself engrossed in all things related to fitness and nutrition. I made small changes to my diet and started exercising daily. I lost weight but most importantly, I felt comfortable in my skin.

On my health journey I’ve also succumbed to trying this, that and the other diet. Only to lose a few kg’s and then gain it back again because it wasn’t sustainable. I’ve learnt, through my Nutrition Coaching studies and from my own experience, that being fit, healthy and strong is all about living a balanced lifestyle and doing what works for YOU!

Three years ago I adopted a plant-based lifestyle and have not looked back since. I eat whole food, plant-based foods and have never felt heathier in my life! My skin is ”glowy”, I have more energy, my digestion has improved, and I feel amazing.

I am a Nutrition Coach because I want to share my knowledge with women who want to change their lifestyles. I want to equip women with the tools to make the right choices to nourish their bodies from the inside out. I want to help women feel energetic, vibrant, youthful, happy and proud of what they see when they look in the mirror.



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