Work With Me

Start With a Free Consultation

I offer a free 30 minute online consultation that I use as an opportunity to get to know you better and, to make an assessment of your current lifestyle; eating habits; and any medical conditions. We discuss what your specific goal is and the best approach to help you to achieve it. You can also purchase any of my services below.

Calorie, Macro & Portion Guide

If you want to know how many calories you require and what your macronutrient breakdown is then this option is for you. The Eating Guide I provide is specific to YOU. It includes a breakdown of your daily total calories and macronutrient split  according to the goal you want to achieve and, recommended portion sizes. You can use this information to structure your own meal plan or, if you prefer flexible eating.

Eating Guide

Meal Plan

I develop a custom meal plan  according to your specific needs. I take into account your age, height, weight, activity level, allergies, dietary requirements and your goal. This is not a “one size fits all” meal plan as we are all unique. The meal plan includes guidelines and tips that you can adopt to help you live a healthy lifestyle.

Meal Plan plus Coaching

If you want a little extra help and support, this option is for you – it includes a Meal Plan plus nutrition coaching. I will coach you one-on-one to help you on your journey to a sustainable healthy lifestyle.



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